Treasures of Praya!

10 August 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The adventures in Praya are waiting for you at every step.

Within the new promotion participation in battles gives an opportunity to get the badges, promoting you through the stages to the most precious prizes.

From now on, the battles in the Borderlands will become even more fierce, because today starts the new “big” quest, with the well-loved chests full of legendary and exclusive talents and the very rare White Runes as prizes!

Praya's treasures!

The new quest will appear in your Castles today! Upon completing the quest, you’ll get the legendary and exclusive chests and White Runes as prises!




  Gather 1.500.000 Prime

15 white runes

  Kill 2000 enemy soldiers

2 chests with an exclusive talent upgraded from 5 to 7 stars

  Provide 200 supports 2 chests with a  legendary talent upgraded from 4 to 6 stars
  Make 200 kills 2 chests with a legendary talent upgraded from 5 to 7 stars
  • Attention: this is not a common chain of tasks, but one big quest, divided into several tasks. You need to complete all tasks in order to get the prize.
  • Also, you can complete several points from the tasks at once in one battle - for example, to kill 100 soldiers, provide 15 supports and gather 30000 Prime - all these points will be taken into account in the quest.

The quest will end on 27th of August, 12:00 (UTC+3) - be the first to complete all the tasks and get the prize!

Find all the Praya’s treasures!

Sincerely yours,
Prime World team