Grim Stalker

08 August 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Mysterious Stalker, who came to your aid in the new adventure, looked suspicious from the beginning. The power he fought his enemies and the accuracy he shot his victims with were too great for a mere human, and even for an experienced warrior. It felt like Stalker knew neither fear nor fatigue.

And the more you learned about him, the more confident you grew in a thought that a new Hero is right before your own eyes!

A contest!

During the time you traveled together, you’ve seen how Stalker’s precise arrows kill your foes numerous times. And now you have to guess how one of his abilities is called. He uses it to hit enemies who stand so far away that it is not even easy to see them.


Following our tradition, 5 Lords or Ladies who will be the first to guess the name of the talent correctly, will receive the new Hero for free as a gift from us when the new update is released!


The answers are accepted until 8 p.m. UTC+3 12th of August! They must be left under this post.

Dare to guess!

The new Hero is already close to your Castle.

Always yours,
Prime World dev team