Update 11.10

01 August 2018

Lords and Ladies!

11.10 update is installed on our game servers, and the Heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!


The fifth Season - Season of Dungeons - has come to its end. All hail the sixth Season - Season of Secrets!

The rewards for your maximum achievements in the Season of Dungeons are already waiting for you in the Castles: Heroes’ frames, flags, Bonesmasher (Season Skin). What is more, in this Season we’ve prepared a special surprise for you!

As you already know, each Hero that reached the Captain rank (or higher) during the Season, brought his/her Lord/Lady one of the legendary talents. The reward for achievements in the Season of Dungeons is even sweeter - the Heroes will bring you not just a usual talent, but a chest with a legendary talent, which is already upgraded up from 4 to 6 stars!

This is how the table of rewards Lords and Ladies receive for their achievements in the Season of Dungeons looks like:

  Wood Recruit 1100 150 Prime crystals
Mercenary 1200
Common soldier 1300
  Stone Corporal 1400 330 Prime crystals, Season flag
Sergeant 1500
  Bronze Lieutenant 1600 540 Prime crystals, Season flag, Season frame
Captain 1700 A unique skin is being added to the reward. One of the primary talents (already upgraded up from 4 to 6 stars) from different legendary sets (excluding the lastly added one) per each Hero that reached Captain rank
  Silver Major 1800 780 Prime crystals, Season flag, Season frame, a unique skin. One of the primary talents (already upgraded up from 4 to 6 stars) from different legendary sets (excluding the lastly added one) per each Hero
Lieutenant colonel 1900
  Gold Colonel 2000 1050 Prime crystals , Season flag, Season frame, a unique skin. One of the primary talents (already upgraded up from 4 to 6 stars) from different legendary sets (excluding the lastly added one) and one of the primary talents from the lastly added set per each Hero
  Legendary Top 10 Heroes on each of the Heroes From 2000 1050 Prime crystals , Season flag, Season frame, a unique skin. One of the primary talents (already upgraded up from 4 to 6 stars) from different legendary sets (excluding the lastly added one) and one of the primary talents from the lastly added set per each Hero

Please note that:

  • Rewards for reaching the Legendary League go to players whose Heroes were in the top-10 when the Season ended only. The rewards for all the other Leagues are calculated by maximum achievement throughout the entire Season.
  • Rewards are given only for Heroes who you played on in Borderlands mode during the Season of Dungeons.
  • At the same time, the ratings will be recalculated for all Heroes – regardless if you played them in the Borderlands during this Season or not.

We recommend everyone who, for whatever the reason, is unaware of the concept of Seasons or wants to learn more about them to read the special article about the Seasons in the ‘Season’ tab.

Seasonal Leaderboard Reset

We continue to recalculate the leaderboard ratings using a fairly gentle system, which doesn’t let the top players get bored, but at the same time, doesn’t make the climb too complicated for those who are still conquering the heights of top-10.

  • The ratings of Heroes in the Wooden or Stone leagues will not be changed.
  • If a Hero’s rating is at or above 2000, it will be changed to 1950.
  • In all other cases, Hero ratings will be reduced precisely by 50.

New action in the fullscreen UI!

The “Footsteps of Legends” action, which introduced chests with talents improved up to more than 5 stars, caused a lot of comments to appear in all our social media. Many players enjoyed both the journey itself and the rewards which were waiting for them on the path to becoming a legend of Praya. Nevertheless, there were some things which left a certain number people upset about the action.

With the 11.10 update, a new action begins. We made sure to count all your wishes in and changed a few mechanics of it. You will begin a new glorious journey, and new chests with exclusive and legendary talents will be waiting for you on the road again!

You can learn all the details about the new actions in this post


Today we are truly happy to introduce a new feature added to the game in this update to you. We have seen numerous requests about adding smartcast, and in 11.10 update, it is finally here!

Now all the abilities which require to choose a target can be tuned in a way that they will be used automatically, you will only need to click the mouse button once!

You will be able to adjust the settings the way you want to in the Castle. Smartcast is activated for each talent and each talent set separately. In order to activate it, you need to leave a check mark in a special window which will be shown when you are choosing the talent.

Take note!

  • You are able to turn smartcast on/off only at the Castle.
  • There is no way to alter the settings during a fight.

Sale of talents

As you may have noticed, we began to introduce rewards of the economic system in 11.9.4 update. In the 11.10 update, we are continuing to bring alterations to it.

Today we are willing to tell you about a pleasant recalculation of the talents selling price: both in Silver and resources you will receive for selling the talents!

Rare and unique talents are now more profitable to sell. Speaking of selling exclusive and legendary talents, you will now be receiving Crystal Shards, which can be later used for forging the talent of your desire, for doing so!



New selling price

Old selling price

  Rare talents 100 silver 20 silver
Unique talents 500 silver 80 silver
Exclusive talents 1 Crystal Shard 500 silver
Legendary talents 3 Crystal Shards 2000 silver

The Fair

The action at the Fair which allowed you to change the assortment of goods on the shelves for only one Prime Crystal lasted for a month, and many players got to love it. The reason behind this is simple: everyone enjoyed the ability to find the necessary item with more ease than usual.

This is why we decided to make this price (1 Prime Crystal per assortment renewal) stay on its place forever!


Golden age doubles the resources you produce in the Castle. If you are a Golden Age owner, it doubles the amount of experience the Heroes receive for completing the tasks there.

Starting with 11.10 update, Golden Age will also affect other type of rewards at the Tavern - Crystal Shards. You will receive twice more of them if you have an active Golden Age on your account.

Pet houses

Starting with 11.10 update, Crystal Shards are added to the list of resources you can get from the Pet Houses.

Champion’s Rune

This is the next economic change we are bringing to Praya. Following the reducement of talents price, which was introduced to the game in the 11.9.4 update, we are also reducing the Champion’s Rune price. Now, the jackpot with it can be purchased for 500 Prime Crystals.



Fast and agile Amazon became able to show her true strength on the battlefield after her class talents improvements were introduced.

However, there were many competing talents made for the 5th row, equally useful for the Heroine. This made the choice between usual talents and class talents improvements a rather hard one to make. That’s why we enhanced the bonuses class talents improvements provide to the Heroine.

Rain of Arrows

  • Now the improvement of the Flurry Strike increases the damage it makes by 10%.

A Step Forward

  • The amount of damage absorbed by Active Defence increases by 10%.



New class talent improvement made one of the oldest Heroines in Praya amazingly popular again. However, the amount of damage she dealt in some cases, was too much.

This is the reason why in 11.10 update we nerfed her Snowstorm ability down.


  • Additional damage, dealt by Blizzard talent, was reduced to 73-642 (previously 81-713).



The Heroine’s alternative ultimate - Shield of Mercy, - allows her to stay one of the most popular supports in the game.

Thanks to the ability to save one of the allies from death, Healer is capable of turning tables in any battle. And, despite our previous fixes of Shield of Mercy, which made it less powerful, Priestess remained capable of making too much of a change.

Shield of Mercy

  • The ultimate’s cooldown has been increased up to 180 seconds (instead of 160).



Since the moment the Heroine arrived to Praya, she became a very popular choice among the players and proved herself a useful ally in battle.

Her abilities allow her to effectively put an end to forest creatures and creeps on the lines. However, in some cases, especially in the Intellect build, Katana was way too overpowered.

Tiger Jump

  • The damage this ability deals was reduced to 47-410 (instead of 48-456). What is more, the damage Tiger Jump does is now calculated using Strength or Intellect, whichever the greater, and not Intellect only.



In many cases, one of the oldest jungler Heroes in Praya - Fang, - became effective on the battlefield later than other gankers.

To reach his peak of effectivity, he needed much more time and Prime. This is why we decided to change the places of Curse of the Beast and Animal Skin abilities and move the ultimate ability to the 3rd row.

Curse of the Beast

  • The ultimate ability was relocated to the 3rd row (previously it was placed on the 4th).

Animal skin

  • The ability was relocated to the 4th row (previously it was placed on the 3rd).

Game session optimization

In the 11.10 update, a new section was added to the settings menu. It will allow you to optimize the battle sessions in the game by choosing a special mode that will turn the Castle working process off when the battle is loading.



  • Fixed an issue which caused the trajectory of the Dangerous Fruit ‘to go astray’. We’ve also fixed the issue which caused Dryad not to restore Health when using Dangerous Fruit talent in several cases.


  • Fixed a mistake in the description of the Bursting Charge talent. Additionally, the issue which caused the charges not to stock when using the Bursting Charge talent.


  • Fixed a visual issue which made the number of damage dealt by the Fire Flail improvement not to show up.

Duelist/Prince of Thieves

  • Fixed an issue which made the Hero receive a bonus to Will when using Pummel talent.


  • Fixed an issue which made the Unquenchable Thirst talent restore more Health then it was supposed to.

Your Prime World Team