Summer metamorphosis: Plague Doctor

26 July 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Meet the Hero who will receive new class talents on this hot summer week: this time, it is the master of medicine, Plague Doctor!

New class talents!

Gloomy and frightening alchemist - Plague Doctor, - will be able to even more effectively show himself in one of his primary roles with the help of the new class talents improvements. Depending on his choice, the Hero can either restore even more Health, or significantly increase the radius of Bubonic Plague’s deadly effect.

Gust of pestilence

  • This improvement will allow the Plague Doctor to increase the radius of poisoning with Bubonic Plague by 50%.

Take notice!

Only the radius of poisoning increases. The radius within which abilities are used remains the same.

Blood transfusion

  • With the improvement talent learned, Bloodletting will restore 5% more Health. What is more, it will be affecting not one, but two allies.


New class talents upgrades are already waiting for you in your Libraries. As usual, they are made to be put into the 5th row.

Attention! Only one of the class talents upgrades can be used per build.

Always yours,
Prime World Team