Ancient dungeons

18 July 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The summer doesn’t stop bringing nice surprises. It has already brought many interesting changes and useful gifts to Praya. Even your beloved mode, the Borderlands, has not remained untouched - the day and night have been introduced to it, bringing both new visuals and gameplay opportunities!

Today we’ve got one more exciting news topic for you - a new chain of quests. If you complete it, you will receive crystals (both Prime and legendary ones), crystal shards and even receive a random legendary talent from the ‘Legendary Portents’ set! !

This chain of quests differs a lot from the previous ones, which you could have taken part in. Not like the other quests, you will have to decipher mysterious notes (where the task conditions are hidden in) in Ancient dungeons quest.

Ancient dungeons

Today, the first quest from this chain of quests appeared in your Castles. You will be able to complete it only until 12 p.m. UTC+3 23 of July. .

Completing all of the stages of the quest will allow you not only to replenish your stock of crystals and crystal shards, but also receive one of the talents from the recently added legendary set of talents - ‘Legendary Portents’!





  1 The first door is covered in glass, there are 3 elements missing in it needed to open it up. I think I've seen something suitable among our Heroes equipment... or maybe in the Touched Shop? 5 Prime crystals + 5 crystal shards
  2 The second one, I hope, won't be a lot harder to unlock. Thin trickles of the Prime take the form of a skull and only in 3 places there are linking elements missing, which are needed to make the rune work at full strength. 2 legendary crystals + 5 crystal shards


The third door meets you with lots of rusty cups surrounding it. It feels like there are hundreds of them here! Of course, the rusty cups had lost their power - now you need to replace them with something else.

7 Prime crystals + 10 crystal shards

And here lies the fourth door, right before our eyes. Judging by the hieroglyphs the door is covered with - we need to go and kill enemies... And not only in the Borderlands. There are two siege machines surrounded by dead soldiers painted on the door. What could it be?

3 legendary crystals + 10 crystal shards

The fifth door is not an easy one to pass. Bright red flashes do not allow us to approach it - but how can we put those fires out? Maybe we should put one of the catalysts in this socket, which looks like spurts of flame.

10 Prime crystals + 15 crystal shards

The last, sixth door, is ahead of us! The last step must be made. Seems like people brought their combat trophies here. But the ritual is not yet clear to me - we need something opposite to what was in the fifth door. And it should be, preferably, hard!

A random legendary talent from the ‘Legendary Portents’ set!

As you can see, the chain consists of 6 tasks. Conditions of their completion are encrypted in riddles. You have to solve them in order to get the rewards!

Please notice, that the new tasks will be introduced to you one by one. New ones will become available at в 12 p.m. UTC+3 in the next days.

Hurry up to unravel all the secrets of the ancient dungeons!