Discounts in the Collection tab and Jackpot!

13 July 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Summer metamorphosis continue to bring surprises to the inhabitants of Praya! Day and night cycle came into the Borderlands, legendary talents are waiting for you in the Castles every 2 days, and today we’ve prepared 2 more pleasant surprises for you!

Discounts in the Collection tab and Jackpot!

Starting with today and until 12 p.m. UTC+3 30th of July, the creation of new talents in the Collection tab is twice cheaper than usual!



Standard sets

Event or Clan talent

  Rare talents 15 (instead of 30)
  Unique talents 15 (instead of 30) 30 (instead of 60)
  Exclusive talents 35 (instead of 70) 105 (instead of 210)
  Legendary talents 100 (instead of 200) 250 (instead of 500)

Crystal Shards Jackpot!

Yes, this is still not the end! For your comfort, the merchants have put a special Crystal Shards Jackpot on the shelves of their stores so that every Lord and Lady of Praya are able to get the best of the discounts in the Collection tab!


Crystal Shards Jackpot will be available at the Fair until 12 p.m. UTC+3 19th of July only.

Create the most precious and valuable talents!

Your Prime World Team