Summer metamorphosis continues!

12 July 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Summer metamorphosis has already brought a lot of pleasant changes to Praya.

Surprises are waiting for you on every corner!

Every 2 days you are able to find talents from the most popular sets in your Castles, the Summer Quest is ready to reward you with exclusive and legendary talents, which are already improved up to more than 5 stars and, of course, the Champion’s Rune.

Each week one of the Heroes receives class talents upgrades. Summer metamorphosis has even affected the Borderlands themselves by introducing day and night cycle into it!

And now, we would love to tell you about another alteration we’re implementing into the game. This time, we are changing the economic system of Praya. Daily quests Due to your numerous requests, we are adding a new way of getting valuable Crystal Shards.

Daily quests

The daily quest rewards have been altered: now you will be receiving even more legendary crystals and you will be getting Crystal Shards instead of basic resources.

First Stage 1 legendary crystal
Second Stage

3 Prime Crystals + one of the following rewards:

  • 12 talents which are effective for leveling up talents
  • 3 exclusive talents
  • 25 000 silver
Third Stage

1 legendary crystal+ 5 Crystal Shards + 5 Prime crystals

Big Saturday Quest 10 legendary crystals + 15 Crystal Shards
  • This way, by completing all the quests, you will not only be able to receive more

    crystals, but also replenish your warehouses with Crystal Shards, which have been previously obtained through the Tavern only.
  • The basic resources is now a part of the first victory reward. Instead of 500 resources, the first win will grant you 2500!

The Fair

You commented that the “purchase exclusive talents for Gold” offers have become not actual anymore. We could not ignore that! This is why these offers can no longer be found in the Fair rotation. What is more, exclusive talents price in Prime Crystals has been reduced down to from 12 Crystals to 24 Crystals (instead of 15-35)!

But this is not the end of the list!

  • The cost of the legendary talents has been reduced. Now, it stands lower: 55-80 Prime Crystals instead of 70-90. The chance of meeting legendary talents at the Fair has been increased by 5%.
  • Until the end of the month, you will be able to search for valuable talents cheaper than usual - since the assortment renewal at the Fair costs only 1 Prime Crystal!

Receive all the valuable rewards Summer metamorphosis can bring to you!

Your Prime World Team