Double action!

06 July 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Brave Heroes already show their valor on the battlefield – they are fighting for precious rewards during “Summer Gifts” quest and for the flags of their favourite teams. Castle citizens decided to to support their Lords and ladies and announced a discount on the creation and reforging talents for the whole weekend, as well as the purchase of the Golden Age!

Action at the Forge/Talent Garden!

Until 12 p.m. UTC+3 9 of July, you will be able to create new legendary talents with 30% discount! And, of course, previously forged talents won’t lay still in your Libraries for a long time, since reforging them will cost up to 50% cheaper!

  • Forge a legendary talent out of an exclusive one - 7 legendary crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of a legendary talent into a legendary - 5 legendary crystals instead of 8
  • Reforge of an exclusive talent into an exclusive - 5 Prime crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of an unique talent into an exclusive - 6 Prime crystals instead of 12.

In order for the changes to take place, please re-enter the Castle.

Golden Age!

During this weekend the purchase of the Golden Age is more profitable!


Only until 12 p.m. UTC+3 9th of July,
30 days of Golden Age will cost only 99 gold (instead of 199)!

Get your Heroes ready for the reward hunting!

Your Prime World Team