Summer gifts

05 July 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Hot summer has come to Praya!

It has already pleased us with interesting novelties, intrigued the future updates of the Borderlands and gave legendary talents for entering the Castles. The best is yet to come!

Today we are pleased to announce the beginning of a huge quest! During the quest you can not only replenish your libraries with exclusive and legendary talents, already improved by 4 or more stars, but also get the Champion Runes!

Summer Gifts!

Today a special huge quests has appeared in your Castles, it will be active until 12 p.m. GMT+3 30th of July.

Please note! This is not a regular quest chain, but one huge quest that is divided into several tasks. You have to complete all tasks to receive a reward! You can complete several steps in one battle – for example, you can gather 100 points and collect 3,000 Prime. Everything will be included into the huge quest.



  Gather 1,500,000 Prime in the Borderlands
  Get 5,000 achievement points in the Borderlands
  Win 25 times





Champion Rune


2 exclusive talents, already improved by 4-6 stars


2 exclusive talents, already improved by 5-7 stars


Legendary talent, already improved by 4-6 stars

Prepare your Heroes for summer battles!

Your Prime World Team