Victories on the football fields

03 July 2018

Dear Friends!

The victory of the Russian team surprised not only the real world, but also the world of Praya. The Heroes and Castle residents were celebrating this momentous event all night long. In the morning merchants found flags of all the national teams in their warehouses and immediately announced an unprecedented promotion with X2 price reduction.

Assortment renewal is now 2 times cheaper till the end of the month.

Flags at the Fair

From now on and till the end of the 2018 Praya Championship you can find special football balls at the Fair. Each ball has 9 random group flags.

  • till the end of the 2018 Praya Championship find group balls you need at the Fair and get precious flags for them
  • price for one ball is from 20 to 40 Prime crystals

Assortment renewal is X2 cheaper

But that's not all! Filled with patriotism, the merchants made an incredible and unprecedented action at the counters.

Until 12 p.m. UTC+3 1st of August assortment renewal at the Fair costs only 1 Prime Crystal instead of usual 2!

  • Assortment renewal 1 Prime Crystal (instead of 2)!

Make sure to use all the benefits of the Flag action at the Fair!

Your Prime World Team