Changes in the Borderlands

28 June 2018

Dear Friends!

This summer has already brought both generosity and interesting changes. Legendary talents are waiting for you every two days in the Castle. During the football action you can enrich your collection with talents upgraded for 5 stars and more and win a unique football skin.

The first Heroes have already received new upgraded class talents and use them on the battlefields. But the Metamorphose Summer will influence not only on Heroes — the Borderland map will also see a lot of changes. The changes will have an impact both the interface and the mechanics.

Changes in the Borderlands

Something new is coming to the world of Praya. All battles will soon be available not only in a “day vision” but also in a “night vision”. Day and night cycles will change both the interface and the battle itself.

Battle progress will be changed along with day-night changes. As well as in the real life, Nights in Praya will be dark, so the radius of the visibility will be decreased. Ward units will also be changed. Some of the Heroes perform better at night, thus they will uncover their potential when the Darkness comes.

New talents in the Legendary Portents set


NeNew talents will be added in the last legendary set to support all changes in Praya. Along with the day and night cycles, new talents with day and night effects will be added. Legendary Portents set will get some new subsets that will change boosts according to the daytime in the game.

Metamorphose Summer is in Praia! Hurry up!

Your Prime World Team