Patch 11.9.3

27 June 2018

Lords and Ladies!

11.9.3 update is live on our servers, and the Heroes are ready to greet their Lords and Ladies!


  • Fixed an error which caused the game to close down when a player was in a Castle or when a player was coming back to the Castle from the battle.
  • Fixed an error which caused the wrong illustration of the Heroes’ characteristics boosts gained from the talents upgraded for more than 5 stars.


The voiceover in the Castle was added.

Fixed an animation error that appeared when the Heroine died.

Fallen Lord

A new visual effect to the “War Splinters” talent.


Animation of the Mark talent was improved.

New class talent improvements


When new improved class talents are added, they will be shown on top lines in the Library like all new talents. Thus, it will be easier and more convenient for you to find and use them.

Known issues

During the “2018 Praya World Championship!” event some users may see a visual bug of the current location. When you re-enter the Castle, you might not find your name in TOP. During this time your location won’t be shown.

The maximum amount of football balls shown is 25,000. All football balls above this number are not shown. Please, don’t worry, it is a visual bug. Your progress and football balls amount above 25,000 is not lost and is included in the TOP chart. These bugs will be fixed soon.

Your Prime World Team