Summer metamorphosis: Cryo

27 June 2018

Lords and Ladies!

This week, the Heroine who is receiving her class talents upgrades is the mistress of cold and ice, Cryo!

New class talents!

Cold-blooded and irresistable Cryo can choose which ability to enhance with the help of class talents upgrades. Depending on which you one you choose, the Heroine will become capable of either dealing more damage in the battle, either making her foes less dangerous by decreasing their attacks’ damage.


  • With the improvement talent learned, Blizzard ability will become even more dangerous to Cryo’s foes. It will deal 90-793 additional damage (depending on Intellect) and last 1 second longer.


  • This upgrade will make it easier for the Heroine to survive even in the middle of a crowdy fight. After you learn this class talent improvement, Strength of Cold will additionally decrease the damage Heroine will be receiving for 3 seconds by 50%.

New class talents upgrades are already waiting for you in your Libraries. As usual, they are made to be put into the 5th row.

Attention! Only one of the class talents upgrades can be used per build.

Your Prime World Team