Legendary Portents set video review

20 June 2018

Lords and Ladies!

As you may already know, we’ve added a new set of talents, - Legendary Portents, - to the game in the 11.9.2 update.

This set’s work is based on an already familiar combination mechanic: several talents from it will unlock different useful bonuses and abilities. Legendary Portents talents allow Heroes to change the ground the battles are happening on.

Today we are glad to share a video review of the Legendary Portents’ subsets. We will also showcase all the juicy and important details of the new talents, introduce you to bonuses and active effect the Hero will be receiving while learning talents from one subset and provide you some tips on which Heroes can make the best use of these talents. Let’s begin!



Legendary Portents set talents effects

Stargazer’s Disgrace

Dense Prison

Gift of Nature

Protective Amulets


Always yours,
Prime World dev team