Summer metamorphosis: Fire Fox

14 June 2018


During the whole summer, starting with 11.9.2 update, one of your Heroes will be receiving 2 new class talent upgrades once in a week. These enhancements will make your talent build even more unique. You will be able to insert only one such talent in a build.

For your comfort, they will appear right in the tabs with Heroes’ builds. Due to this, one of the talents from your previously made build will be moved to the Library.

The first Heroine to receive class talent upgrades is the hottest inhabitant of Praya - Fire Fox!

New class talents!

Beautiful and dangerous Fire Fox will become able to choose which of her abilities will stand out more now. And, depending on which of the upgrades you will decide to put into her build, the Heroine will become even more deadly on the battlefield or will receive a huge boost to her survivability.

Storm wind

  • This upgrade makes the Heroine’s Wind and Sparks ability even more effective. By learning the enhancement talent, Fire Fox will be able to deal 25% more damage with it and even slow the enemies hit by it down by additional 10%.

Healing trick

  • By choosing this upgrade, the Heroine will become more tenacious of life. Each time when she will be using her Cunning Fox ability, the Heroine will restore 75-563 of her Health (depending on Intellect).


New class talent upgrades are already available in the talent build’s tabs. One of the talents from the build was moved to the Library in order to do so.

Attention! You are able to use only one class talent upgrade per build.

Your Prime World Team