New football action in the full-screen interface!

08 June 2018

Lords and Ladies!

“In the Footsteps of Legends” action, where you were able to receive unbelievable rewards, is coming close to its end. Less than a week is left to reach the desired stages of the quest and get the most valuable bounty. And while brave Heroes are retrieving Traveller’s badges for their Lords and Ladies, we are going to tell you about the next action which will replace the current one!

New action in the full-screen interface

As you may already know, some of the most important events from the real world leave their mark on Praya. This is going to happen again. The new action is dedicated to 2018 FIFA World Cup. In the new action, you will have to collect flags of different countries, who are participating in the tournament (same as it was with the previous actions, the event items will be dropped down for fighting in battles).

The value of this flags is going to change accordingly to how well has the corresponding team played in the recent match. The closer the participating team is to the final of the tournament, the more valuable their flags will be and the more rewards you will receive for having them.

Speaking of prizes, you will be able to receive already well-known and beloved chests with talents upgraded for more than 5 stars right away and, also, a brand new skin!

Prepare your Heroes for the World Cup!

Your Prime World Team