Summer opulence

08 June 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Summer has taken Praya by storm and brought a lot of changes and pleasant surprises to the game. Legendary talents are waiting for you in the Castles, appearing once in two days, and soon enough, your beloved Heroes will receive new class talents!

And now, you have an opportunity to start the weekend with Golden Age by your side and replenish your stocks of crystals, receive traveller’s badges and even obtain legendary talents!

Summer opulence

Today, on 8th of June, the first from the 5 tasks has appeared in the Castles. You have to complete them before 11 p.m. 13 of June (UTC+3).

Please notice that the tasks are unlocked by completing the previous ones. There is no need to wait for the next day to come to complete the next one. You can beat all of them in one day.




  Kill 100 monsters in the Borderlands 1 day Golden Age + 10 crystal shards
  Deal 60000 damage to enemy Heroes in the Borderlands 5 legendary crystals + 10 crystal shards + 10 traveller's badges
  Collect 80000 Prime in the Borderlands 10 legendary crystals + 20 crystal shards + 15 traveller's badges
  Assist in 15 kills in the Borderlands 2 random legendary talents from the Age of Legends set + 30 crystal shards + 20 traveller's badges
  Gather 1000 achievement point in the Borderlands 1 random legendary talent from the Legends of Conquerors set + 10 legendary crystals + 20 crystal shards + 30 traveller's badges

Hurry up to complete all the tasks and receive your well-deserved rewards!

Your Prime World Team