Legendary rewards for entering the Castle!

01 June 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Summers in Praya have always been generous, bringing a lot of surprises and gifts for Lords and Ladies. We have already told you about the new upcoming class talents, which will be added to the game very soon and will bring more variety in builds and tactics of different Heroes. As for today, we are going to tell you about the legendary rewards you will be receiving during the whole summer for simply entering the Castles!

Legendary summer!


During the whole summer, starting with 1st of June, legendary talents from different sets will be waiting for you in the Castles once in 2 days.

This summer we decided that we wouldn’t be sticking up to one certain set and picked the talents from the most valuable and desired sets: Way of the Dragon, Decisive Charge, Venomous Grasp, Cry of Doom (which had become even more popular after its rework), Absolute Dominance, Life's Path, Ancient Secrets, Enchanter's Knowledge, Animal Power.

The first one of them (you can start collecting the talents today already) is the Decisive Charge set, also known as “Blink”!

In order for you to receive the talent, you simply need to enter your Castle during the day (from 12 p.m. UTC+3 until 12 p.m. UTC+3 of the next day).

But please take notice that the present will “burn out” if you don’t pick it up in time!

Collect all the legendary summer gifts!

Your Prime World Team