New rewards in the Clan Shops and action prolongation!

31 May 2018

Lords and Ladies!

In 11.9.1 update we continue to develop the course of providing the players with unique rewards for being active in the game! You could have already filled your Libraries with collectible talents up by participating in the “Blinding Glory” action; get hold of unique talents already improved up to 6 and more stars in “In the Footsteps of Legends” action; and even recruit Fallen Lord, who is not available for hiring for Gold or Silver.

Today we are excited to introduce the next event within this direction!

New chests in the Clan Shop!

New rewards which appeared in the “In the Footsteps of Legends” action caused a great deal of excitement among the players. Improving talents from 6 to above stars helped breath a new life into exclusive and even rare talents. Some of them even managed to become cooler than their legendary analogs with less stars! There were many comments left in discussions on which talent each players got in this action, and there were more and more Heroes wearing builds made from talents from this action appearing on the battlefields.

In continuation of global Clan Wars rework, which began with elimination of vassal-captivation system, we decided to add the chests from the “In the Footsteps of Legends” action to Clan Shop assortment, due to how positively they were received by our community. This change will make Clan Wars even more interesting, and the rewards you can get for fighting in them - more treasurous!


Also, besides the already familiar chests with talents, you will also be able to find unique rewards with random talents leveled up to more than 5 stars already!

We will tell you a few details about these chests:

As some of you may know, what lies in them is truly unique. You can find talents already improved up from 4 to 7 stars inside (the amount of stars depends on your luck only)!

The introduction of these chests is designed to:

  • Add new content, which will be useful both to newbies and already experienced active players, to the game. The talents from these chests will make your Hero stand out in battle, especially if you will be lucky enough to put them into sets! What is more, these talents can’t be made in the Forge or bought on the Fair, which makes them even more desirable. Being active in the game is the key to receiving these great talents!
  • Breathe new life into exclusive and rare talents which have already become rather unpopular among the players. In their “updated” form, they can contend with legendary talents, which will make Heroes’ builds and battles themselves more diverse and unique.

In the Footsteps of Legends - action extended!

New format action did not leave our community indifferent, and we received a lot of comments about it. There were a lot of requests to extend the action so that everyone could have a little bit more time to reach the final stages of the quest and receive the most desirable and interesting rewards.


We decided to extend the action due to these comments. In order for everyone to receive all the unique rewards they dream of, the action has been extended for 2 weeks and will now last up to 14 of June!

Collect all the useful talents!

Your Prime World Team