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30 May 2018


The time has come for us to release the third issue of the «Questions and Answers» series, where we are answering questions asked by Prime World players.


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Every Hero now has a second ultimate!
Will you develop more class talents for our beloved Heroes?

That’s true - all currently added to the game Heroes have the alternative ultimates and the new Heroes now have 2 ultimates right away. Alternative ultimates added a lot variability into the game. Some of them made previously unpopular Strength/Intellect builds appear more and more frequently on the battlefields (this happened with Fire Fox and Shadow), some of them let a few Heroes play a new role (Faceless and Rumbler). Of course, after every Hero received his/her alternative ultimate, players began to ask: «What’s next?». We would like to state out that the theory about us making third ultimates was pretty popular for a while :) Today, we are ready to unveil the truth about what is going to happen to all Heroes this summer!

Starting with the first summer update, we will begin to add new improvements to the basic class talents. The improvement talents goal is to make one of the already existing basic class talents more powerful and interesting to use.

You will be able to add only one improvement talent per build, so, you will have to choose which class ability to power up - for example, Fire Fox’s «Wind and sparks» or «Cunning Fox».

Same as it has been with the alternative ultimates, new improvement talents will be released once in a week - 2 talents to choose from for one Hero.

How do you choose which Hero will get rebalanced in the next update?


Each update brings a lot of changes in Heroes’ talents and characteristics. We saw people asking about how do we choose which Hero to alter in the updates and why the alterations are done this way and not the other. Let us explain it using 11.9.1 update as an example. 5 Heroes balance was altered in that version: Night Queen, Fallen Lord, Plague Doctor, Cryo, Storm Thrower.

Let’s start with Night Queen. Alternative ultimate breathed new life into the Heroine and she became a lot more popular among the players. However, there were many comments left stating that she became overpowered, and her win rate increased dramatically, meaning that the alternative ultimate in its original form wasn’t well-balanced. To make the Heroine a bit less powerful, we had to introduce a few fixes to her Strength build.

The second Hero, whose abilities and characteristics were changes, was Fallen Lord. Even though he arrived to Praya not so long ago, he had already become a popular pick. However, comments regarding the new Hero stated that he was both overpowered and too weak. When he had all stacks of Arsenal gathered, he was almost unbeatable, but when he didn’t have any of those, it was too easy to kill him.

This is why we had to change almost all of his abilities. After the changes were implemented, he became more vulnerable when all stacks of Arsenal are collected and stronger when he was left without them.

The last Heroine, who we are going to discuss in this issue is Cryo. She is one of the oldest Heroines in Praya and, at the same time, one of the most popular picks in the middle range of rating ranks. However, she became a rarely picked Heroine on the high ratings. We had to make a few fixes to address the issue. We introduced a few fixes, one after another. After each change, we waited for a while to see if the fix did its job or we needed to make new alterations.

How do the non-class attack modificators work?

Heroes’ abilities can be divided into 2 types: «fair» — - those, that add something new to the list of Heroes’ talents, and «enhancing» — ones - those, that make Heroes’ attacks and other talents more powerful.

This is the reason why there are always new questions popping out about which talents do affect Heroes’ attacks and which do not. For example, how will talents from the Death Touch set, talents from the Destroyer’s Might set and a special talent, Destruction, will combine with abilities which look like Heroes’ auto attacks (such as Meijin’s Puncher and Raven’s Fire Storm)?

All of the talents enlisted above buff auto attacks only. Those talents sum up only with abilities which also buff Heroes’ auto attacks (such as Fire Fox’s and Arcane Wyrm’s alternative ultimates).

Such talents do not affect «fair» talents, even if they look similar to auto attacks (such as Meijin’s Puncher and Raven’s Fire Storm).

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Always yours,
Prime World dev team