Hot weekend at the Fair!

25 May 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Dryad’s arrival to Praya has brought a piece of upcoming summer to the Castles, making everything around them blossom and fill with new colors. Even the merchants got so excited about this beauty, that they decided to decorate their shelves with appropriate goods and sales to spread the festive mood!

Action at the Fair

For 3 days only, from 12 p.m. 25 of May to 12 p.m. 28 of May, Hot weekend is bringing some great offers at the Fair!

  • The merchants hid resources and rare talents from the shelves and left only the most valuable goods on them!
  • For the first time in Praya ever - Blinding Glory talents can be found at the Fair!
  • All talents can be found at the Fair: all legendary sets, including collectible talents: “special” legendary talents, spinners and “Scary Time” set!
  • All legendary talents sale!
    • Talents from the 1, 2 and 3 sets - from 35 up to 50 Prime Crystals
    • Talents from the 4, 5 and 6 sets - from 45 up to 60 Prime Crystals
  • -50% discount on exclusive talents!
    • 7 - 17 Prime Crystals (instead of usual 15 - 35)
    • 4 - 7 Gold (instead of usual 9 - 14)
  • «1 Legendary Crystal for 2 Prime Crystals» and «1 Legendary Crystal for Silver» usual offers are now standing next to 3 Legendary Crystals and 5 Legendary Crystals offers!
  • All Jackpots available at the Fair! Crystal Shards and Traveler’s Badges Jackpots are also included :)
  • Assortment renewal costs only 2000 silver! And, as it usually happens during our actions at the Fair, the slots you’ve already purchased from do not burn out!

Please notice!

During the action, usual packs with 3,5 or 8 Prime Crystals have been removed from the game. Instead of them, a new offer is added “24 Prime Crystals for 9 Gold”. However, the valuable offers won’t let anyone indifferent, and when the offers will get out of stock for a short while due to the customers’ activity, you may get to see “???” sign on the icon with Gold. Do not worry - this issue disappears after a few minutes, no additional actions are required.
Find the best deals at the Fair!

Your Prime World Team