23 May 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The daughter of the forest, beautiful and restless Dryad has already arrived to your Castles and is ready to rush into battle!


Dryad's Talents


This passive ability allows the Heroine to infect enemies with spores when using her class abilities. All infected enemies receive more damage from Dryad’s auto attacks, and their Cunning gets significantly reduced.

Dangerous fruit

After using this ability, the Heroine throws a fruit towards a certain direction, which explodes after hitting the first enemy on its way. The explosion deals damage and infects the enemy and all the foes behind him with spores.


With the improvement talent learnt, the fruit explosion gets even more effective - all enemies hit by it get blinded additionally.

Forest spirit

The second active ability will not allow Dryad’s enemies hide from her. Loyal spirit, casted by Dryad, will chase the enemy Hero and show his location, as well as reveal the area around him on the map.


With the improvement talent learnt, Dryad will become able to choose what to attach the spirit to: to an enemy or to a tree. What is more, all enemy Heroes within its sight range will get infected with spores.

Guardian’s sleep

The next Heroine’s talent allows her to survive under the flow of enemy attacks. After using it, Dryad turns into a tree and becomes invulnerable. However, she is not able to attack or use talents in this state.


With the improvement talent learnt, Dryad will become able to attack enemies and use talents in her “tree” form.


Same as with all of the latest Heroes added to the game, Dryad has arrived to Praya with 2 ultimate abilities already available!



After using the first ultimate ability, the Heroine “burns out” all the spores infecting the enemies, dealing a certain amount damage per each stacked effect.


With the improvement talent learnt, Germination additionally restores Dryad’s Health.

Ruinous Vine

Dryad’s alternative ultimate allows her to gain control over her rivals. Upon use, the ultimate deals damage and immobilizes enemy Heroes previously infected with spores.


With the improvement talent learnt, all targets the ability was used on get slowed down additionally.

The winners of the guessing contest

Do you remember that we've promised to give the new Heroine as a reward to the winners of the guessing contest? The time has come to announce the winners. They are:

Please contact us via personal messages on Facebook to receive your rewards.

Behold, mysterious and powerful Dryad is already at your Castle!

Your Prime World Team