Patch 11.9.1

22 May 2018

Dear Lords and Ladies,

11.9.1 Update is active on the game servers and the heroes are ready to greet their masters!

Fullscreen Interface Update

The clan wars update in which we removed the vassal-capture system made the clan war map bare and uninformative. With the vassals and suzerains gone, all that is left is clan search and the rating table.

In 11.9.1 update, we decided to remove the clan wars map section, and now, clan search and clan leaderboards can be found in the fullscreen interface. Furthermore, removing the clan wars map also speeds up loading the Castle.

Primary Hero Talent Builds and Level Up Rewards Updated

The primary talents players received with a hero became obsolete and did not allow players to unlock a hero’s full potential in battle often.

Our community helped us reexamine the primary skills, and besides that, we decided to add some exclusive talents to the starting build, making it more useable. Now players will be able to get a sense of the hero’s fighting style right away.

In addition, the list of talents heroes get for reaching a certain level has been updated. One of the coolest changes is the appearance of legendary talents. Now, starting at hero level 15, you will get legendary talents as rewards!

Hero Rebalancing

Night Queen/Black Panther

An alternative ultimate made this heroine much more popular and helped her flourish on the field of battle.

Her new ultimate that gave her an ability to merge with her pet, in some cases, was too strong, allowing her to dominate battles, and in 11.9.1 version, her alternative ultimate had been adjusted.

One Flesh

  • Ultimate ability cool down increased to 90 seconds (from 50)
  • While the ultimate is active, the Predator talent restores the heroine’s health only if her attack wounds at least one enemy.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Tireless Hunter talent not to reduce the duration of the One Flesh ultimate.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Predator talent to restore health based on the higher out of Strength and Intellect, and now the amount of health restored is based on Intellect only.


Fallen Lord

The hero rushed onto the battlefields of Praya and gained fame and popularity among players. However, in some situations, his damage and defense properties gave him an unfair advantage.

To make him a little more cautious in the early stages of the game, 11.9.1 update introduces some changes to his abilities.


  • The damage absorbed by each Arsenal effect has been reduced. The damage absorbed is now equal to 20 - 210 based on Strength or Intellect, whichever the greater (it was 30 - 225)

Battle Order

  • Now the hero deals 10 - 70 damage (based on Strength) and additional 2 - 15 damage (based on Strength) for each Arsenal effect (previously, damage was dealt for each stack of Arsenal only, 4 - 30 per stack) to all enemies

Circle Defense

  • The target of the talent takes 10% less damage and gains an additional 2% reduction for each accumulated stack of Arsenal (instead of reducing damage by 4% per stack)

Shards of War

  • When a stack of Arsenal is received, the next attack deals an extra 10 - 75 damage (based on Intellect) to enemies around the target and 2 - 15 damage for each stack of Arsenal (previously, damage was dealt for each stack of Arsenal only, 4 - 30 per stack)

Combat Formation

  • After its use, the ultimate gives Fallen Lord 2 stacks of Arsenal per each allied hero beyond the talent’s radius and casts Battle Order on the Hero and all of his nearby allies (he wasn’t receiving stacks of Arsenal from using the ultimate before)


  • A visual effect has been added to visualize when the ultimate is being active.


Plague Doctor

The hero’s popularity is growing on the battlefield, thanks to an ability that gives him control over his enemies.

However, his alternate ultimate is still second to his “classic” ultimate. In 11.9.1 version, it has become easier to use.

Deadly Poison

  • The animation of this ultimate being activated was removed.


Storm Thrower/Lightning Master

The alternative ultimate rework that allowed the hero to choose a target of the attack made it much more effective and popular among the players.

However, the damage the Judgement of the Skies ability dealt was not always high enough for the hero to be truly effective in battles.

Judgment of the Skies

  • The amount of damage dealt by this ability has been increased to 71 - 617 (from 66 - 587)



The previous rebalance of the Heroine’s abilities successfully reduced the difficulty of hitting required stats to make Cryo’s Strength build easier to use effectively.

However, the absence of an escape option in battle and low defensive stats made her too vulnerable.

Strength of Cold

  • Damage of this ability has been increased to 26 - 155 (from 25 - 142), and now the damage is based on the higher of Strength and Intellect (instead of Intellect only)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Cryo’s auto attack reach an enemy hero even after the foe had used blink.



  • Original voice-over has been added to the Victor skin


  • Fixed a bug that caused the tower to attack “souls” under the effect of Angel’s alternate ultimate, Resurrection

Legendary Liberation and Exclusive Liberation

  • Fixed a bug that caused the talents not to remove negative effects from allies.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Shield of Mercy alternative ultimate not to remove negative effects from the chosen ally when used.

Your Prime World Team