New Jackpot!

16 May 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Enterprising merchants decided to make their Lords and Ladies happy and do what they were asked to do for quite a while. This time, they’ve managed to bring a lot of Traveller’s badges to the Fair. Those items are a must for brave Lords and Ladies who are participating in the “In the Footsteps of Legends” action!

Traveller’s badges at the Fair!

Until the end of the “In the Footsteps of Legends” action you will be able to find Traveller’s badges at the Fair.


10 badges for 10 legendary crystals

A new Jackpot for travellers!

On this week only, from 12 p.m. UTC+3 21 of May, you will be able to see a new Jackpot at the Fair!


100 Traveller’s badges for 200 Prime Crystals!

  • As any other Jackpot, the offer is a lot more valuable than its items usual cost price, and, of course, is not the lot you are going to see too often.

Hurry up to complete all the stages of the action!

Your Prime World Team