The daughter of the Forest

15 May 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The chief forester has reported about some unusual events which took place in his lands. In the already green and summer breathing forest everything is getting ready for something to happen. Unusual fireflies appear above the trees and spores of incomprehensible plants fly above the upper branches. Judging by these events, a new Heroine is getting close to the borderlands of Praya! It will take no time for her to get to your Castles.  

Guessing contest!

Every Hero is Praya has his or her own individual phrases suitable for any situation in battle. They refer to moving from point A to point B, use of talents or simple happiness of being victorious. And now you will have to guess one of the new Heroine’s phrases. Namely, the one she says while using her “Forest Spirit” ability. We will provide you one clue by telling about what this skill does.

Forest Spirit

Dryad sends a “spirit” towards the following direction. The spirit pursues the nearest enemy Hero and does not allow him/her and other enemies around him/her hide in the fog of war.

Traditionally, the first 5 Lords and Ladies who will guess the correct phrase (or the closest to one to it) will receive the Heroine as a gift from us on the day of her release on our servers.

Please notice that your guesses should be left under our Facebook post about the Heroine!

Try your luck! Powerful Dryad is getting closer and closer to the Castles!

Always yours,
Prime World dev team