Loyalty reward!

08 May 2018


Lords and Ladies!

Many people in the world are celebrating Victory Day soon. And, of course, we can’t stay aside from the celebration! We are willing to congratulate our Prime-veterans - players, who stayed with us for years remaining loyal to Prime World!

Today we are granting you a special gift. Something, that will always make you stand out on the battlefields and demonstrate your foes that a person standing in front of them has been forged in battle and is a true master in the art of war.

All players who registered their accounts before 5th of May 2015 will receive a new unique skin!

Iron Fist skin!

Iron Fist skin is a truly one of a kind skin. There is no way to get this skin any other way besides being a true veteran of Praya. Purchases, events, being a Prime World activist - nothing of these can grant you the skin.

Iron Fist

Original Hero: Meijin/Brawler

Please notice that the reward will be sent to you until the evening of 8th of May.


Gifts for all players!

We’ve also prepared gifts for every player out there!


Enter the Castle until 12 p.m. UTC+3 14th of May and receive Destroyer's Might and one day of Golden Age as a gift!

Thank you for staying with us!

Your Prime World Team