Hot weekend at the Fair!

21 April 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Generous merchants decided to please their Lords and opened the doors to their warehouses. For this weekend only, they managed to bring all the legendary talents, including the ones from the first sets, and all collectible talents.

But this is not all! The merchants also announced that prices can be dropped down up to -80% on usual, exclusive and legendary talents! Even the most demanding buyers will be able to find the goods they need at the Fair.

Action at the Fair

For 3 days only, from 12 p.m. 20 of April to 12 p.m. 23 of April, Hot weekend is bringing some great offers at the Fair!

  • All collectible talents at the Fair! You will be able to find Colossal Potential, Spirit of Swiftness and talents-spinners;
  • All legendary sets talents are also at the Fair! Meaning that you will be able to find “dragon” and “touch” talents among many other talents and sets, which are not available at the Fair usually;
  • Legendary talents can be purchased with up to -80% discount! (meaning that they can be bought for 15-20 Prime Crystals instead of 70-80).  Find the best offer!
  • Exclusive talents can be purchased with up to -80% discount! (meaning that they can be bought for 3-35  Prime Crystals instead of 15-35 and 1-14 Gold instead of 9-14); 
  • Legendary and exclusive talents drop chance is 2 times increased! Your chances to obtain the desired talent are higher than ever;
  • And the most interesting fact - assortment renewal costs only 500 silver! And, as it usually happens during our actions at the Fair, the slots you’ve already purchased from do not burn out!

Please notice!

  • During the action, usual packs with 3,5 or 8 Prime Crystals have been removed from the game. Instead of them, a new offer is added “24 Prime Crystals for 9 Gold”. However, the valuable offers won’t let anyone indifferent, and when the offers will get out of stock for a short while due to the customers’ activity, you may get to see “???” sign on the icon with Gold. Do not worry - this issue disappears after a few minutes, no additional actions are required.

Find the best deals at the Fair!

Your Prime World Team