The next alternative ultimate

19 April 2018

Lords and Ladies!

We are glad to announce the next Hero who is receiving his alternative ultimate. The most exciting fact about this is that the ultimate we are adding to the game today has been suggested to us by one of our players! Blade Master is the lucky one today.

The next alternative ultimate

Blade Master/Sesha

A quirky fighter with four hands - Blade Master - will become able to make one of his enemies take his side in battle for a short amount of time with the help of his alternative ultimate.

Upon use of the alternative ultimate, Blade Master will force the selected enemy to attack the enemy’s ally.




Eye Contact

  • Blade Master hypnotizes the enemy Hero and makes him attack the enemy’s ally (with auto-attack only) for 2.5 seconds. If there are no allies around, the hypnotized hero will panic for 2.5 seconds.

Seeing Through

  • With the talent’s improvement learnt, the use of ultimate increases the Blade Master’s chance to dodge enemy attacks by 30% for 3 seconds. The damage the enemy under hypnosis deals to his ally also increases by 30% for 3 seconds.


The new ultimate is already waiting for you in the second talent tab. In case the Hero is still not hired, the second ultimate ability will appear in his second talent tab and will get available after the Hero is purchased.


Attention! In order to add new ultimate to the talent build, you need to remove the previous one from there, including its improvement talents.

Your Prime World Team