Renewed Clan Wars!

10 April 2018

Lords and Ladies!

11.8.2 Update has brought a global Clan Wars system rework to the lands of Praya. The most powerful Clans are ready to enter the battlefield and prove their superiority!

Renewed Clan Wars

So, what happened to the Clan Wars?

The vassal and suzerain systems made CLan Wars too lazy, depriving them of excitement and the desire to advance your Clans. This is why we decided to add more dynamics into the Clan Wars and rejected the vassal and suzerain systems, since all they did was making Clan Wars more difficult and did not motivate Clans to fight between each other.

Now, Clan Wars will turn into a regular, weekly competition. As it was said before, we've taken the vassal and suzerain systems  away, and now the places at the top and the Clan Shop level will depend only on the of Clan members' activity!

Clan Wars will be unleashing every Friday, from a scratch, so that everyone is able to climb to the top of the rating. All Clans will have a unified pool of strategy points, which will reduce in time - and only the most active and purposeful will be able to get to the top!



With the start of a new loop, at 2 p.m. UTC+3 on Friday night (night between Thursday and Friday), all points collected (both strategy points, responsible for leveling up the Clan shop, and tactic points, which can be used to purchase goods from the Clan Shop) will get wiped out.

Receiving strategy and tactic points

The earning of strategy and tactic points has also undergone some changes. In order to gain these, you will need to purchase a special buff for food before going into battle. It will be active for a few days - from 1 up to 10, whatever the player chooses.

And now, let us tell you more about how do the tactic points differ from the strategy points and vice versa.

Strategy points will now be needed for opening new levels of the Clan Shop only. You will be able to earn them in battle after purchasing a special buff for food.

What is more, you will be additionally able to purchase one more buff which will double all the points you'll receive, both tactic points and strategy points. After you will activate the additional buff, the only points which will get doubled are the points your Clan earns, the points from the common pool will be reduced by their default value, - the buff does not apply to this. Meaning that if you receive 100 points in battle, 100 points will be taken away from the common pool, and you will bring 200 points to the Clan.

What you can do with tactic points is to make purchases in the Clan Shop. They can be earned in fights if the buff bought for food is active. What is more, if you have Golden Age active on your account, all the tactic points amount received gets doubled same as the other rewards.

Clan Shop

And the cherry on the cake is here - and it is the Clan Shop! The Clan Wars changes could not simply leave the Shop be as it was.

  • First, the Shop can now be found in the new full-screen interface in the Clan section.
  • Second, the Clan Shop's leveling up system has been changed. Now it depends only on the Clan players, and is not bound to vassals or suzerains.

As soon as a certain amount of strategy points is reached, Clan Shop will get leveled up.


Clan Shop level

Strategy points needed






1 000



3 000



6 000



10 000



15 000



21 000



28 000



36 000


Each Friday you will be starting off with 1st level of the Clan Shop, and in order to unlock the highest level of it available, you will have to gather 36 000 strategy points.

And, the most interesting is as always at the end - the Clan Shop's assortment has also been changed and significantly expanded. Now you will be able to find the following items in there:

  • Prime Crystals
  • Legendary Crystals
  • Crystal Shards
  • Special chests with already upgraded talents (rare, exclusive and even legendary ones)
  • And even 6 brand new Clan talents!


Command barrier

  • Required row: V
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1160
  • Cooldown time: 120 seconds (active);
  • Increases Strength or Intellect (whichever the greater) by 13.1
  • Upon activation, protect all the allies nearby, absorbing 15% of the target's maximum Health for 7 seconds

Accelerated portal

  • Required row: III
  • Prime-cost of learning: 675
  • Increases Strength or Intellect (whichever the greater) by 7.3
  • Passively decreases the time needed for the portal to cooldown for all allies by 8 seconds. If there are a few of these talents in the team, the effect will be summed up. Meaning that two Heroes who have learned this talent will decrease the amount of time needed for the portal to cooldown down to 16 seconds, if there are three such Heroes - down to 24 seconds and etc.

Legendary Shroud

  • Required row: IV
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825
  • Cooldown time: 120 seconds (passive);
  • After 1.5 seconds since the talent was used pass by, the Hero becomes invisible for 10 seconds.

The next three talents are rather similar to already known and familiar talents in their mechanics.

Legendary petrification

  • Required row: IV
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825
  • Increases Health by 275
  • Cooldown time: 90 seconds
  • The effect lasts for 3 seconds, during which the enemy Hero is not able to do anything and receives 40% less damage

Legendary liberation

  • Required row: IV
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825
  • Increases Health by 80
  • Cooldown time: 60 seconds
  • Upon activation, all negative Heroes are being dispelled from the Hero or the ally selected, also making the target immune to control effects for 2 seconds

Legendary distortion

  • Required row: V
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1160
  • Increases Stamina or will (whatever the greater) by 8
  • Cooldown time: 120 seconds
  • Upon activation, the selected Hero becomes invulnerable and not able to do anything for 2/5 seconds. After the effect of the talent ends, if cast upon an ally, his Speed increases by 15%, and if it was cast upon an enemy, his Speed decreases by 15% for 2 seconds.

You can also find already familiar items at the Shop:

  • Different buffs applying to Heroes' characteristics
  • Exclusive Clan talents

In order to make the confrontation between Clans more interesting and each Clan member more desiring to get as much points as possible, we've limited the amount of the most "juicy" talents available for purchase. That way, the players who have done a lot to level up his/her Clan, will be able to receive the rewards desired.



Please notice!

Friends, this is the first launch of the updated Clan Wars - the weekly Conflict . Therefore, during the next few weeks, different aspects will be tuned up to show your activity and your level of interest as accurate as possible. It also counts in the common pool of points, the entrance cost, the shop assortment and even the way the goods are put on the shelves of the Shop depending on its level.

Prove your Clan's superiority!

Your Prime World Team