Next alternative ultimates announcement!

29 March 2018


For quite a long time we've been introducing new ultimates to the game. We are sure you've noticed that there were no new ones for quite a while. We are here to tell you that we have 3 more ultimates incoming very soon! Want to learn what abilities are those and who is going to use them?

Let's find it out!


Blade Master

We all know that Blade Master is a great fight initiator, so we chose a very interesting idea for his ultimate. Hypnosis! But this hypnosis will differ a lot from the classical version of it.

First of all, it will work on one target only, and second, the most interesting distinction from the regular Hypnosis is... that its target will attack its ally instead of Blade Master himself!  

Black Panther

The next one in a row of Heroes who will receive the alternative ultimate soon is the powerful and unpredictable Black Panther! Her main feature is interaction with her pet cat. And, of course, her alternative ultimate must count this feature in.

The alternative ultimate we've prepared for her will allow the Heroine to take a form of a cat, and her abilities will change while the ultimate's effect is active.



And the last one, but not the least one, is the archon caster, the owner of the longest whip in Praya - Demonologist!

There was definitely an ultimate missing to show the true power of Demonologist in Intellect build. However, if we had made an ultimate similar to the Strength build one, it would have made the Hero overpowered.

Upon use of his alternative ultimate, Demonologist will transform his archons into shells. In the Intellect build, they will "fly" into several enemies instead of one - it depends on the number of archons Demonologist has at his command. When they will reach their targets, they will not only deal damage, but also capture the victims in nets, immobilizing the enemies, and apply silence to them.

And now - the answer to the question you've definitely asked yourself!
When will these ultimate be introduced into the game?

We are working actively on their addition to the game, and you will be able to test all of them in battle in April!

Your Prime World Team