Renewed Clan Wars!

28 March 2018


We began speaking about the new course of Prime World development not so long ago. This path is all about you receiving more cool rewards for simple in-game activity and nothing else.

We have already set the first two sails in this direction - the new form of actions that will help you get a new talent set, and the new Hero that can be added to your collection of Heroes for being active in the game only.  

And today we are willing to tell you about one more important change that will come to Praya soon - a global Clan Wars system rework!

We prepared the change basing on your comments, which were usually circled around the vassal/capturing system. This involved both the Clan Shop and, in general, the lack of dynamic exciting clan confrontations.

So, let's begin!

Clan Wars rework

The first thing we want to tell you about today is time. Previously, clan confrontation was constant but not limited in time. Such a system was quite "lazy" from the point of view of what was happening in the game. It was not filled with the excitement of struggle and did not make the endorphins burst upon victory, for example, after capturing a vassal or overthrowing a suzerain.

Therefore, we revised the time frame of the clan confrontations and abandoned the rigid binding to vassals and suzerains. At the same time, the clan's "coolness" is still connected to the number of the strategy points received.

However, the system of obtaining these points has undergone significant changes!

  • First, now all the Clans in the game will have a common "pool" of strategy points available for receiving. In addition to this, the more points the Clans have already received, the fewer points in the general "pool" will be left. Accordingly, the more points your Clan earns, the fewer will remain for the rivals! This "pool" will be updated weekly, which will lead the Clan Wards to a whole new level of confrontation, excitement, and victories!
  • Second, all bonuses and goods which were intended for all the players of the Clan will be removed. Strategy points will now be needed to open new higher levels of the Shop.  Tactic points, as before, will be spent on purchases of goods in the Clan Shop. We will definitely tell more about the new Clan Shop later.
  • Third, in order to receive Strategy and Tactic points  it won't be enough to simply join a Clan and rush into battle. In order to receive the points, you will have to purchase a special bonus in the Clan Shop, which will make receiving these points possible. This bonus will be sold for resources - for food, to be exact, - so do not worry about the cost of the bonus.

Now the Golden Age will affect the process of receiving Tactic Points (only Tactic ones, not the Strategy ones!) - if the Golden Age is active, the amount of points received will double, same as rewards.

And, of course, after a week passes by, all the Tactic and Strategy Points and the Clan Shop's "pool" of points  will be set to zero.

Are you ready to participate in the race and prove you are the best?

Clan Shop rework

Attention! An important announcement, which we are sure all our players will love to read: from now on, the Clan Shop is not connected to vassals and suzerains in any way.

Everything is in the Clan members’' hands now - the more Strategy Points you receive, the higher the level of the Shop will be available to you!

Yep, it is that easy. As soon as you and your clan mates will have the necessary amount of Strategy Points, a new, higher level of the Clan Shop will open!

And, of course, with all these global reworks, we've also expanded the Clan Shop's assortment.

So, there won't be any items only the leader of the Clan or the Clan's officers can purchase. All the offers will be available to each and every Clan member and purchased for himself only. By the way, the buffs the player purchases for himself at the moment will remain in stock - for example, Strength or Intellect boost (whatever the greater), Health Regeneration boost and etc.

Some new items had also appeared the Clan Shop's shelves! For example, legendary crystals, Shards Fragments and Prime Crystals will now be available for purchase.

What is more, special chests can now be found in the Clan Shops. Open the chest and  receive a talent of a certain "color" ... Already upgraded up for a few stars! The most lucky players will be able to "pull" talents upgraded up to 5 stars out of these chests!

And the most "delicious" - new Clan talents will also decorate the Clan Shop's counter! Like their exclusive comrades, the bonuses provided by these talents are all about working in a team . For example, one of the talents will shorten the recovery time of the Teleport ability for the whole team.

But we will not unveil all surprises at once!

Your Prime World Team