The long-awaited Black Friday!

24 March 2018

Lords and Ladies!

On this weekend only the merchants have opened the doors to their depositories, allowing Lords and Ladies to choose any type of goods they wish to pick up since the renewal of assortment will cost 1 silver only!

Black Friday!


For 3 days only, since 12 p.m. 23rd of March UTC+3 until 12 p.m. 26th of March UTC+3 purchase the desired goods without limitations!

  • The renewal of assortment - for 1 silver only!
  • The slots you’ve already purchased from will not get blocked!

Please notice that:

  • While the action is running, the jackpot positions are removed from the assortment as well as the “Legendary crystal for 2 Prime crystals” offer. The price of these two offers is directly connected to their rare chance of drop, which can’t be considered rare while the renewal of assortment costs 1 silver and can called in an unlimited amount of times.
  • "40 000 resources" and "10 000 silver for resources" offers were also removed from the Fair in order to avoid cheating on the difference in rates. Initially, the cost of some of the offers counts, among other things, the amount of Prime crystals required to update the assortment, so while the renewal of assortment costs almost nothing, these offers are removed while the action is running.
  • Besides this, while the action is running, usual packs of 3,5 and 8 Prime crystals are also removed from the Fairs in order to ease the overload of the payment server with multiple requests. In return, "24 Prime crystals for 9 gold" offer is added to the Fair!
  • Profitable offers do not leave anyone indifferent and huge queues are gathering at the checkout, as in any store, so sometimes you can see "???" on the icon with gold. Do not worry - everything comes back to normal within a couple of minutes, without requiring additional actions.

Fill your Warehouses and Libraries with the most interesting goods!

Always yours, Prime World development team