The Fallen Lord

22 March 2018


As some of you may know, a unique event, similar to which had never happened before, launched in your Castles. To be exact, it was the chain of quests, the reward for completing which is the new Hero! It is not a regular type of hero, but a special one, which won’t be available for hire for gold or silver, he can be received only for ingame activity.

We will gladly remind those of you, who have not come across the news about the new Hero, how majestic he looks!

And today we are ready to share the first details about what this Hero can do on the battlefield. And we will not only tell you about his abilities but will also show you the highlights of his first battles!

As you can see, the new Hero is joining the range assassins rank, using the swords he summons as his weapon.

What is more, he can combine two of the most expected roles if you use his swords wisely - the roles of support and tank!

If you have not yet started to complete the quests to receive the new Hero, it is not the time to get sad - you still have enough time to complete all of the 25 stages.

Hurry up to conquer the Fallen Lord!

Your Prime World Team