We will cure you, too!

21 March 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Court doctors are raising the alarm - there are more and more people getting sick with a terrible disease in Praya. During this hard time, they can’t hide behind the Castles’ walls. The most famous doctors of Praya understand how bad the situation is and are making some huge sales on their services to help all who need it.

Sale on Plague Doctor, Pestilence and Nurse!

For 7 days only, until 12 p.m. UTC+3 28th of March, Plague Doctor is on sale, and the sale is out there for purchases both in gold and silver!

Plague Doctor

  • 500 000 silver / 175 000 silver
  • 199 gold / 69 gold

His brother, Pestilence, is also willing to help the ones in need and charge them less than usual!


  • 69 gold / 25 gold
  • Hero: Plague Doctor

There is one more doctor who could not stand aside - kind Nurse is ready to heal the folk in pain!


  • 69 gold / 25 gold
  • Hero: Healer

Gather all the healers of Praya together!

Your Prime World Team