Take your ushankas off!

16 March 2018

Friends and comrades!

On this weekend only, S.Putnik is so eager to take a step on the battlefields that he is ready to take only a half of his usual hire payment for his services. This dangerous hero, accompanied by his loyal friend, the huge brown bear, is not the only one seeking your audience. Patriot, the invincible border guard, negotiator and just an excellent friend has also arrived at your Castles for a short little while, bringing the news of the long-awaited spring warmth.

Sale on hiring S.Putnik and his collectible skin

For 3 days only, until 12 p.m. UTC+3 19th of March, you will be able to hire S.Putnik for a reduced price. Price is reduced both for purchases with gold and silver!


  • 500 000 silver / 150 000 silver
  • 199 gold / 59 gold

It is time to lay your bear’s ushanka aside and enjoy the slowly coming warmth of spring! It’s not only the ushanka which can be taken off, but whatever. Patriot is ready for hire!


  • Cost: 19 gold
  • Original Hero: S.Putnik

Expand your collection of Heroes!

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