The next alternative ultimate

08 March 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Today we are happy to introduce you the next Heroine, who received an alternative ultimate. This time, it is the one and only unpredictable Tearaway!

New ultimate ability!


Naughty and errant Tearaway armed with a new ultimate ability can seed fear in the hearts of her enemies.

By choosing the alternative ultimate, Tearaway will spread fear in the ranks of her opponents and turn them into flight.




Cat Out of the Bag

  • After using the ultimate ability, the Heroine throws a “box” in the specified direction. After it lands to the ground, the box scares all enemies around and makes Tearaway’s enemies run in the opposite direction from the box for 1.5 seconds.

New Spring

  • With the talent improvement learned, the ultimate’s action radius gets increased by 40%. After the fear effect disperses, all enemies get slowed down by 40% for 3 seconds.



New ultimate is already waiting for you in the second talent tab. In case the Hero is still not hired, the second ultimate ability will appear in his second talent tab and will get available after the Hero is purchased.


Attention! In order to add new ultimate to the talent build, you need to remove the previous one from there, including its improvement talents.

Your Prime World Team