The first Awards Ceremony!

06 March 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Spring is spreading all over the lands, including Praya and the territories across its borders, and we are continuing to bring you interesting activities!

On the past week we launched a one of a kind quest, a reward for completing which was a new Hero. Today we are introducing the new look of actions to you. Actions are unique events, which will provide you valuable rewards for participation.

First new type action’s theme is the Oscars ceremony. We believe it is a great idea to give your beloved Heroes some awards (even though they are not lore-wise…whatever!).

Participate in the First Awards Ceremony and collect the whole “Blinding Glory” set!

The first Awards Ceremony!

- How do I participate?

There is nothing difficult about that!

As a reward for fighting in battles, you will receive special “movie tickets”, which are used for receiving or exchanging the talents from the “Blinding Glory” set. By the way, the First Victory bonus will help you to receive a lot of “movie tickets” at a time.

With Golden Age being active, you will receive twice as more “movie tickets” than usual among the other rewards doubled in number.

This way, we’ve managed to make the Awards Ceremony easy and interesting for all players out there – both for those who prefer to play only 1-2 matches per day, and those, who are ready to spend more time in the game with their Golden Age activated in order to receive as many rewards as possible.

- Where can I receive the talents?

In the beautiful action tab! What is more, in this tab you will be able to not only receive a random talent from the set, but also exchange the selected talent to another one from the same set. There is no surprise in the fact that the cost of the new talent and exchanging a talent will differ.

- How can I see how many “movie tickets” do I have at the moment?

The amount of “movie tickets” collected can be seen at the same Action tab.

- Can I receive the “Blinding Glory” set talents any other way?

This set is a collectible one, such as “Scary Time”, for example. This means that the only way to get “Blinding Glory” set talents is the Awards Ceremony only. However, same as it has been with the other collectible sets, these talents may appear in the Talent Forge or the Fair in future for a limited amount of time.

As for now, you can already see the “Blinding Glory” set in the Talents Collection, but the tasks for receiving these talents will become available later.

- Will I be able to receive the talents if I play 1-2 matcher per day only?

Sure you will! We have done our best to make sure that as many players as possible could be able to collect the necessary amount of “movie tickets” to receive the talents. So, in order to collect the set, it will be enough to win one match per day and play one more game with any outcome.

- How long will the Awards Ceremony last?

The first Awards Ceremony will be held during the whole month of March.

Participate in the first Awards Ceremony and collect your own “Blinding Glory” set!

Your Prime World Team