Patch 11.8.1

06 March 2018

Lords and Ladies!

11.8.1 update has been installed on the game servers and now the heroes are ready to greet their masters!

New Talents

A new collectible set of talents: Blinding Glory! This set is wor king in an already familiar way:  if you've learned 2 talents  from the set, they will give you a bonus to Strength or Intellect, whichever  the greater. Learning the third talent will allow  you to use the set’s active talent: Blinding Glory.


Blinding Glory

  • Required grade: IV
  • Prime cost to learn: 825
  • +13 Strength or Intellect (whichever is higher);
  • The hero blinds all enemies around him for 6 seconds, increasing their miss rate by 50%.
  • Cooldown: 240 sec.

Renowned Actress

  • Required grade: V
  • Prime cost to learn: 1160
  • +19 Intellect

Renowned Actor

  • Required grade: V
  • Prime cost to learn: 1160
  • +19 Strength

Renowned Camera Operator

  • Required grade: VI
  • Prime cost to learn: 1600
  • +25 Agility

Renowned Screenwriter

  • Required grade: VI
  • Prime cost to learn: 1600
  • +25 Cunning

Renowned Director

  • Required grade: VI
  • Prime cost to learn: 1600
  • +25 Stamina or Will (whichever is higher)

New skins!

Swift arrows and strong defenses — please welcome the Twilight Wanderer and the fearless Twilight Warrior at your castles!


Twilight Wanderer

Original hero: Amazon/Archer
Features: new voiceover, new effects
Cost: 69 gold


Twilight Warrior

Original hero: Shogun/Warlord
Features: new voiceover, new effects
Cost: 69 gold



This hero’s alternative ultimate was truly difficult to use since its action radius was not large and the damage it was dealing was relatively small.

This is the reason why those characteristics were enhanced in 11.8.1 version.


Fire Vortex

  • Now, this ability causes 20–126 damage every half a second (instead of 17–105), and the  ability’s radius of action is increased by 15%.



Even though Archer remained a powerful Heroine, she could not always live up to her real potential.

In order to make her able to have a greater impact on the outcome of a battle, the amount of damage she does had been increased, and the cast time of all her skills has been decreased.


Perfect Mark

  • The extra damage the hero’s attacks d eal has been increased from 2% to 2.2%

Flurry Strike

  • The cast  time of this  ability has been reduced to 0.5 seconds (instead of 0.6)


  • The cast  time of this skill  has been reduced to 0.5 seconds (instead of 0.6)



The Priestess’ alternative ultimate makes her a very popular support character, but it also makes too much of a difference on the pace of the battle.

In 11.8.1 version, the advantages her shield provide have been made less powerful.

Shield of Mercy

  • The damage dealt by allies protected by the shield is reduced by 20% (instead of 15%). The  distan ce  the  Hero ine needs to get close to the target of the skill has also been reduced.


This versatile hero is exceptional in the woods and on the line, but in some situations, he was too resilient and that gave him an unfair advantage in battle

To teach Shogun caution, the defense bonus he gets from the allies being nearby him has been nerfed.



  • Now each ally  standing next to the hero receives a bonus to his/her Stamina or Will equal to 2–19 (depends on Strength), instead of 2–21.


Arcane Wyrm/Dragonfly

The hero’s alternative ultimate remained hard for effective use.

That is why the auto attack’s mana cost has been reduced in 11.8.1 version of the game.


Concentrated Ether

  • Now, when the talent is active, Arcane Wyrm spends 4% mana on his auto attacks instead of 6%.



Fanatic, who had recently arrived to Praya, has already proven himself of a great use in battle.

However, in many situations, his abilities and advantages were too powerful, and this is the reason why some of his skills have been reworked.


Vow of Silence

  • Now the silence effect lasts 1.5 seconds instead of 2.


  • The amount of recovered health has been reduced from 360–2235 to 300–2175 (depends on Intellect). Talents that remove positive effects from enemies can now cancel the Oath’s effect.

Leap of Faith

  • The distance the hero can  travel with this ability has been reduced by 20%.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the use of Leap of Faith to prevent the hero from recovering health during Oath being cast upon him.
  • Fixed a bug that  made Fanatic deal the maximum amount of damage Ritual Strike could do to all targets when returning to the starting point after learning the Leap of Faith

Sacred Vengeance

  • Now talents that remove positive effects from enemies can cancel the ultimate’s effect. Fixed a bug that caused this ultimate ability to reflect damage back at Towers.

Righteous One’s Reward

  • Now talents or a cleansing potion can remove the ultimate’s effect. The duration of the ultimate has been reduced from 10 to 7 seconds.


Champion’s Tribute

  • Fixed a bug that caused the set not to work on skills that deal periodic damage. Now the damage is not being returned back to Towers.

Talent collection

  • Fixed a bug that caused 2made two Focus of Forces talents to appear in the collection.
  • The Fortress Assault talent now appears correctly in the second row.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Mental Blade talent quest from appearing.

See you on the battlefield!

Ever yours,
The Prime World team