Action in the Talentforge / Talent Garden!

02 March 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The spring has entered Praya by melting down the winter frost and brought a lot of changes to the game. One of the most interesting pieces of news was the information about the new Hero. And on this weekend, the blacksmiths decided to greet the spring with the warmth of their forges, which would disperse the remnants of winter colds. Guess how? By announcing discounts on forging and reforging talents!

Action in the Talentforge/Talent Garden!

Until 12 a.m. 5th of March, you will be able to forge legendary talents with -30% discount at the Smithy / Talent Garden! Of course, the talents you received before won’t be left to waste, - it will be -50% off on reforging talents!

  • Production to a legendary talent from an exclusive - 7 legendary crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of a legendary talent into a legendary - 5 legendary crystals instead of 8
  • Reforge of an exclusive talent into an exclusive - 5 Prime crystals instead of 10
  • Reforge of an unique talent into an exclusive - 6 Prime crystals instead of 12.

Don't miss this opportunity to prepare your favorite heroes for new victories! Please note! In order the changes into effect, please restart the game.

Have a nice weekend!

Your Prime World Team