Unique event in Praia

01 March 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Despite the fact that eternal summer is in charge in Praya, the beginning of the spring is always a holiday for all Lords and Ladies!

Today we want to celebrate this holiday and please you with the first harbinger of the upcoming updates.

As you may know, we always read your comments carefully in order to make the game more interesting and appealing to our players. When choosing the direction of game’s development, we take the comments which received the biggest amount of likes and became popular among the community into consideration.

Basing on a lot of feedback we’ve received, we are beginning to launch new activities and features, since this is what we were asked to do by our players. And the cherry on the pie of these activities will be the collective rewards - you will be able to receive them by being active in the game only.

The first activity of this type is launching today. And the wondrous reward for participation is…


... The court archivist managed to tie all the strange prime-phenomena that have occurred in recent times together. According to his calculations, it turns out that the reason should be sought not far from the heart of the Primezone.

All Lords and Ladies quickly organized expeditions in order to understand what was happening. Having reached the place marked on the map given to them, the squads saw the vortex swirls that gathered around an ancient (even seemingly) crown. The power of these Prime streams was so great that pieces of armor flew from the investigators, forming a vague outline of a human figure, and the Highlander's sword, flying out of its sheath, swirled around the crown.

The experiment showed that the more pieces of armor and swords the researchers brought closer to the anomaly, the more human form it took. However, the estimated number of swords and armor needed to get things work is so damn great!


Please welcome!
For the first time in the history of Praya - you will be able to receive a new Hero for completing a chain of tasks without spending a single coin - nor gold one, nor silver one!

In addition to this, we solemnly promise that this Hero will never be sold (for gold or for silver) - there is only one way to bring the Fallen Lord to your Castles - for being active in performing the tasks of the special quest line.


We want to warn you from the start: this is a long and moderately complex quest chain - but the reward is worth the effort!


The first task of the chain is already available, and every next one is going to be launched every 2 days. For example, the second stage will become available on March 3, the third stage - on March 5, and so on.

At the same time, the stages will "accumulate" - if you start to complete the tasks after a few days since the beginning of the event, you can complete several stages at once. Count the time left to complete the quest with caution!

This is only the first harbinger in the series of events that we are preparing for you, and only one of the few valuable awards you will be able to receive for simply being active in the game. Follow the news and do not miss any interesting or tasty posts!

Your Prime World Team