Collectible weekend on the Fair!

22 February 2018

Lords and Ladies!

With the appearance of the Talent Collection, Lords and Ladies began to brag about the rare talents that they managed to get for their libraries.

And along with them, the merchants began to compete with each other about who has the greater assortment and whose goods are more collectible.

Only on this weekend - the bravest merchants smuggled Crystal Shards to the Fair! In addition, you can find the legendary talents of all sets (including "special" talents), and even rare collecеtible "gingers" on the merchants’ shelves.

Action at the Fair!

For 4 days only, until 12 p.m. GMT+3 26th of February, - Collectible weekend on the Fair!

  • On this weekend only, among the merchants’ offers, you will be able to find the Crystal Shards! 10 Shards can be bought for 5 Legendary Crystals.
  • Talents from all the 6 legendary sets can be found in stock, including “special” talents! It means that you will be able to find “dragon”, “touch” and many other talents and sets among the offers, which are not available usually.
  • During these days you will be able to find collectible talents at the Fair, such as spinner-talents and talents from the last set!
  • Discount on Legendary talents!
  • Talents from the 1 and 2 sets - from 35 Prime Crystals up to 65 Prime Crystals;
    • Talents from the 3 and 4 sets - from 45 Prime Crystals up to 80 Prime Crystals;
    • Talents from the 5 and 6 sets - from 50 Prime Crystals up to 90 Prime Crystals;
  • No resources - talents, crystals and shards only!
  • While the action is active, you can find jackpot among the offers available for Prime Crystals.
  • And the most pleasant news - renewal of assortment will cost 1000 silver only! And, how it is always done during the actions at the Fair, - the slots you’ve purchased from do not burn out!

Please pay attention to the following:

  • During the action, usual packs with 3,5 or 8 Prime Crystals have been removed from the game. Instead of them, a new offer is added “24 Prime Crystals for 9 Gold”.
  • However, the valuable offers won’t let anyone indifferent, and when the offers will get out of stock for a short while due to the customers’ activity, you may get to see “???” sign on the icon with Gold. Do not worry - this issue disappears after a few minutes, no additional actions are required.

Gather your own collection!

Your Prime World Team