Shards deposits

22 February 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Everyone in Praya has already heard about the wonderful Shards that give you a chance to receive any talent. And this topic caused some active discussions.

Among those, there were a lot of comments left regarding the Lords’ will to see these Shards as a reward for completing quests. And now, after receiving such a feedback, we are launching a quest corresponding to your demands. You will be able to significantly increase you stocks of Shards!

Shards deposits

Today a first task from the chain of quests had appeared in your Castles. It will be available until 12 p.m. GMT+3 5th of March. You will be able to receive Crystal Shards on each of the stages, and with every next stage, you will get more and more Shards in return!




  Collect 100.000 Prime in the Borderlands 10 Prime Crystals and 10 Shards
  Slay 10 Dragons/Kittons in the Borderlands 5 Legendary Crystals and 10 Shards
  Kill 350 enemy soldiers in the Borderlands 1 random Legendary Talent and 15 Shards
  Collect  750 achievements points in the Borderlands

2 random Legendary Talents and 15 Shards

  Win 3 times in the Borderlands 50 Shards


  • All the stages of the quest are available only after completing the previous stage. It means that you do not need to wait for the next day to start completing the next stage.
  • If you switch the localization of the game during passing the quest (enter the client of the game with another language), the progress of the quest will be wiped.

Hurry up to beat all the stages and receive a lot of Shards!

Your Prime World Team