More Golden Age time and increased rewards for the fights!

16 February 2018

Lords and Ladies!

The news of the Fanatic’s arrival has already spread throughout Praya. Castles are filled with rumors about his deeds on the battlefield.

And only during the first days of his appearance, the rewards received in battles are doubled, and Golden Age is even more profitable!

More Golden Age time!

For 3 days only, until 12 p.m. GMT+3 19th of February, a special Golden Age offer is active. 30% of the purchased duration will be given to you for free!

  • 49 Gold = 3 days Golden Age + 1 day for free!
  • 99 Gold = 7 days  Golden Age + 3 days for free
  • 299 Gold = 30 days Golden Age + 10 days for free!

Increased rewards!

For 3 days only, from 12 p.m. GMT+3 16th of February, until 12 p.m. GMT+3 19th of February, the rewards given for PvP fights are increased!

  • x2 more talents, resources and experience for any PvP fight*
  • And with Golden Age being active - x4 more resources and experience!

*fights in the “Training” and “Trials” modes are not counted in.

Don't miss this profitable weekend!

Your Prime World Team