Patch 11.8

15 February 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Update 11.8 is live on the servers, and our heroes are ready to greet their lords and ladies!

New Hero

The ruthless, uncompromising Fanatic has arrived in your Castles and is ready to enter into service to you!

He will appear in your Castles with two ultimates right off the bat, each of which compliments fundamentally different builds and suits a specific style of play.

Like previous heroes, you can get the Fanatic in one of three ways:

  • By completing a seven-day quest chain, after which you’ll be able to recruit him for 750,000 silver. The first quest of the chain will become available today at 12:00 pm Moscow time, and the last one will be unlocked on February 22. Once you complete the last quest, a new quest will appear that will allow you to pay silver to recruit the hero.
  • The normal way to recruit the Fanatic (buying for silver without having to complete any quests) will be available for all players with a Сastle level of 25 and up from March 1 onward.
  • You can also recruit the Fanatic immediately for 299 gold.

With the release of this new hero the price of the Aviator has been reduced to 500,000 silver and 199 gold.

Talent collection

Starting today, you will see a new interface in the castle: Talent Collection. Use it to see which talents you already have in your castle as well as which talents you do not have yet to complete sets or subsets.

Another important aspect of the collection is that it enables you to get any talents in the game, from blue to the most desired legendary talents.

And of course, to preserve the balance of talent collecting, the talents will not be easy to receive.

  • You may already have noticed the appearance of a new resource in your castles: Crystal Shards. You can use them to unlock special quests in the Talent Collection that will help you get your chosen talent.
  • You can get Crystal Shards in the Tavern. Most of the rewards given out there have already become obsolete and no longer carry the immense value they did when they first appeared. That is why it was decided that they should be replaced with a new resource: Crystal Shards.

As before, the reward in the Tavern can only be obtained once a day, and in all other cases, heroes are receive only experience.

The number of Shards you will receive depends on the Tavern’s level:


From level 1 to 10, you will get 7 Shards
From level 11 to 20, you will get 8 Shards
From level 21 to 30, you will get 9 Shards
From level 31 to 40, you will get 10 Shards

The number of Shards required to unlock a quest depends on the talent you want to unlock:

All sets by the more recently released
The most recently released set
An event or clan talent
  Common Talents
  Special Talents
  Exclusive Talents
  Legendary Talents

The difficulty of the quests depends on which talent you want to receive:

Talent Rarity
Set Talent
Event Talent
  Common Talents
3 victories
  Special Talents
5 victories
10 victories
  Exclusive Talents
10 victories
15 victories
  Legendary Talents
15 victories
15 victories

7 days are allotted for the completion of each quest.



The Bard’s skills make her a truly formidable opponent. But because she doesn’t have “native” abilities for movement or acceleration, she can be seen as highly vulnerable.

In order to make her a bit more mobile, her speed has been increased from 50 to 51 in update 11.8.



In spite of the recent reworking of the Bombing Strike ultimate, hitting your target with it is still a challenge.

And to make Bombing Strike easier to use, the falling speed of the bombs has been increased.

Bombing Strike

  • The bombs’ falling time has been reduced from 0.6 to 0.4 seconds.

The Aviator’s bonuses to Cunning (0.5 to 0.52) and Agility (0.4 to 0.42) have been increased.



The new alternative ultimate breathed new life into this character and made her a lot more popular with players.

However, in some situations she was overpowered, and in update 11.8, the damage from her balls has been corrected.


  • Now the additional damage hits its maximum from 4 gates. Passing the ball through the last gate doesn’t increase its damage.
  • Furthermore, when launching the ball from the resurrection zone, from the “fountain,” its damage is halved.


Plague Doctor

The doctor’s alternative ultimate, which is focused on a Strength build, was very difficult to execute fully in the game.

And to make it more effective, his damage bonus for autoattacks that allow the use of his ultimate has been increased in update 11.8.

Deadly Poison

  • The autoattack’s base damage now increases by 20 - 120 instead of 12 - 100.



The Artiste’s Trampler has done much to recommend itself in massive battles, but, as before, it is difficult to use the beast.

To allow it to have more of an impact on the outcome of a battle, its damage has been increased.

Trampler Beast

  • The damage dealt by this ultimate is now 88 - 776 instead of 84 - 739.



The Priestess’ alternative ultimate can turn the tide of a battle and save her most valuable ally in their time of need.

However, in many situations, her shield was too strong and affected gameplay too much by giving one team an enormous advantage. So in update 11.8, her ultimate’s effect has been corrected.

Shield of Mercy

  • Damage dealt to heroes under the effect of the shield is reduced by 15%.



Swift and relentless, Katana continues to excel on battlefield.

However, some of her advantages in battle are too strong. So in order to make her more cautious, the cooldown time of Fiery Ghost has been increased.

Fiery Ghost

  • The ability’s cooldown time has been increased from 18 seconds to 19.


Stable Defense

The reworking of this set, while making it more attractive, also gave it too long of a cooldown time in massive battles.

So in update 11.8, the time has been reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.4 seconds.


  • Displaying the best result of the season
    An error was fixed that caused the hero who had the best result not to appear when season awards were being received.
  • Alternative ultimates
    An error was fixed that caused alternative ultimates to disappear from some users’ libraries.
  • Requests to join a clan
    An error was fixed that caused the hero who has the highest rating not to appear in requests to join clans.

See you on the battlefield!

Your Prime World Team