For hearts filled with love!

14 February 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Today is the most romantic day of the year. Lords are preparing their gifts for their damsels, and Ladies are trying their evening dresses on. Praya itself has prepared great rewards for its inhabitants - as red as a loving heart!

For hearts filled with love!

Today a special chain of quests has appeared in your Castles, it will be active until 12 p.m. GMT+3 19th of February.

By completing the stages written down below, you will be able to fill your library with legendary talents!




  Receive 200 achievements points 3 legendary crystals
  Provide 14 supports 5 legendary crystals
  Gather 140,000 Prime 2 random legendary talents
  Win 2 battles

2 random legendary talents from the "Legends of the conquerors" set


  • This quest is a chain of tasks, meaning that the next stage will be available only after you beat the previous one.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do not forget to congratulate your loved ones!

Your Prime World Team