Collection of talents

10 February 2018


Lords and Ladies!

As you know, one of the distinctive features of Prime World is its collection component. In the game, it is represented by a large number of diverse talents: starting with event "violets" and ending with valuable "legendaries".

Collection of talents

Today we would love to tell you about a global update which will arrive to your Castles very soon - the collection of talents! It will assist you a lot in two important matters at a time.


First of the is the informational one. With the introduction of this feature, it will become much more comfortable for players to see the entire range of existing talents in the game without leaving the Castle!

Such a system will ease the understanding of the structure of talents, sets and kits for both beginners and those players who have been playing for a long time and have studied the talent system.

In the collection, you will be able to  immediately see which of the talents  belongs to which set and kit. You can also see what talents are already in your possession, which ones you yet have to get and even those that you once had.

The second important function of this innovation is the opportunity to receive the desired talent. All talents will be available to be received through the collection window. This means that with its help you can get all the existing talents in the game: from various "event" ones to the legendary ones.


Of course, getting a certain talent through the Collection will not be too simple, otherwise the entire balance of talents' collectivity will be disrupted. You will need to accumulate a certain amount of a new resource - "Crystal Shards" first.

Your Heroes will receive this resource at the Tavern: with the release of the Collection of Talents we will bring back the relevance of this structure in your Castles. Talents  assigned as rewards to the tasks from the Tavern will be replaced with Shards. The higher your Tavern level, the more Shards you will receive  for completing task. Same as for today, the award in the Tavern will be given once in a day, in all other cases only experience points will be Heroes' reward.



The higher the value of talent, the more amount of Shards you will need to get a special task in the Tavern after collecting the necessary amount of Shards. The task's complexity will also depend on the talent that you have chosen. And as a reward for completing the task, you will receive the desired talent!


Legendary talents from the first level?

As part of the conversation about such an important and pleasant innovation, we want to discuss the topic of the existing restrictions on wearing legendary talents. At the moment, in order to wear a legendary talent, a Hero needs to reach level 15 or higher. Initially, this restriction was intended to separate the players who had mastered the management of a specific Hero from those who had just started to play with a new Hero for them. But in the current conditions, this restriction may no longer correspond to its original task.

We invite you to take part in the making of the decision of the further fate of this restriction.

Think carefully: does this restriction make you feel uncomfortable or vice versa? And as soon as you make a decision - give your vote in the poll below. If the majority of votes this restriction being irrelevant, we will remove it from the game in one of the upcoming updates!

(Please notice that we have such a poll on other platforms too and all the voices will be counted while making a final decision)

Share your opinion on the upcoming feature!

Your Prime World Team