Prime crystals for account replenishment

09 February 2018

Lords and Ladies!

This week has brought many messages to the lands of Praya.

Among them was the news about the upcoming "Collection of talents", thanks to which the Lords and Ladies will be able to both feast their eyes on the talents already collected and  the desired rare items: from various "event" talents, to highly desired legendary ones!

And, of course, the rumors about the new Hero, which made the Castles' walls shiver. After all, the glory of his exploits, committed in the name of faith, is far ahead of the Hero himself. And it is not surprising that before the arrival of the follower Khr'Aminov faith, the crystals of Prime received a special feature. Now they are attracted to gold coins in an unprecedented quantity!

Valuable ingame gifts!

For 3 days only, from 12 p.m. 9th of February GMT+3 until 12 p.m. 12th of February, replenish your account and receive Prime crystals as a gift!

!Attention, the gifts will be given to you not at the time you will replenish your account, but
on 13rd of February at 8 p.m.!


The amount of Gold


  100-249 50 Prime crystals
  250-499 200 Prime crystals
  500-749 500 Prime crystals

800 Prime crystals

  1000 and more  1200 Prime  crystals

Please notice that:

  • Bonus Gold, received with the help of runes or other special events, does not count;
  • You can receive an unlimited number of gifts while the event is active;
  • The sum of payments is not summarized, so in order to receive the desired gift, you should replenish your account with the required amount at a time.

Your Prime World Team