Next alternative ultimate

31 January 2018

Lords and Ladies!

This week brings us a new ultimate ability for another Heroine. Raven is the lucky one today!

New ultimate ability


The furious and impregnable Raven, armed with an alternative ultimate, can break into the very center of the battle safely for herself.

Upon use of the alternative ultimate, the Heroine becomes immune to control effects and receives 30% less damage also dealing damage to nearby enemies for 5 seconds.




Fire Vortex

  • Upon use of the alternative ultimate, Raven becomes immune to control effects for 5 seconds. Also, she receives 30% less damage and deals 17-105 damage (depends on Intellect) to nearby enemies once in half a second.

Reins of Fire

  • With the improvement of the ultimate learned, Fire Vortex speeds Heroine’s movement by 25% and slows the enemies she hits by the same amount.


Take notice:

  • While the ultimate is active, Raven can’t use auto attacks and all of her talents, except for “On the fiery wings” one.

New ultimate is already waiting for you in the second talent tab. In case the Hero is still not hired, the second ultimate ability will appear in his second talent tab and will get available after the Hero is purchased.


Attention! In order to add new ultimate to the talent build, you need to remove the previous one from there, including its improvement talents.

Your Prime World Team