Red action in the Fair

26 January 2018

Lords and Ladies!

These weekend merchants decided to launch a long-awaited action in the fair and are selling precious goods over the counter including 6 legendary sets including the last two sets and other talents.

And moreover the cost to unbind the talents if 50% cheaper!

Sale on unbinding talents!


For 3 days from 10:00 UTC on January 26th till 10:00 on January 29th:

  • The cost to unbind an exclusive talent is 5 Prime instead of 9
  • The cost to unbind a legendary talent 5 gold instead of 9

Action in the Fair!

Red Friday is in the Fair for only 3 days from 10:00 UTC on January 26th till 10:00 on January 29th:

  • All 6 sets of legendary talents available in the Fair!
  • New offer for “3 and 5 legendary crystals” was added to the standard “1 legendary crystal for 2 Prime crystals” and “1 legendary crystal for silver”!
  • Selected fields remain permanently!
  • Renewal costs only 1000 Silver!
  • There are offers "3 and 5 legendary crystals" for Prime crystals and silver!
  • All Jackpots are available in the Fair!
  • During these days exclusive spinner talents are available!
  • The first three legendary sets are 50% cheaper only now! (They cost 35-90 instead of 70-90 Prime crystals!)


  • In order to not overload the payment server with multiple requests, offers for 3,5,8 Prime crystals were deleted from the Fair. Instead an offer with "24 Prime crystals for 9 Gold" was added to the assortment.
  • The payment server may be overloaded with many requests and you may see question mark in the right angle of the Castle where there is a gold mark. Please do not worry, everything will be fine in couple minutes without any other actions.

Time’s up! Get all your legendary goods!

Your Prime World Team