Next alternative ultimate

25 January 2018

Lords and Ladies!

Today we are glad to introduce you the next Hero who received an alternative ultimate. This time, it is miniature and unpredictable Lightning Master!

New alternative ultimate!

Storm Thrower/Lightning Master

The master of lightning — Storm Thrower — can concentrate his power on one target by using his new alternative ultimate.

The Hero deals damage to the enemy covered with wounds in any part of the map by using his new ult.




Judgment of the Skies

  • Deals 67-587 damage to the enemy hero with the lowest current Health.


  • The Judgement of the Skies talent deals an additional 92-808 damage.


New ultimate is already waiting for you in the second talent tab. In case the Hero is still not hired, the second ultimate ability will appear in his second talent tab and will get available after the Hero is purchased.


Attention! In order to add new ultimate to the talent build, you need to remove the previous one from there, including its improvement talents.

Your Prime World Team